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Straw Wars

Plastic straws. Paper straws. Agave straws. Biodegradable straws. Compostable straws. Metal straws. Re-usable straws. Wide straws. Narrow straws. Long straws. Short straws. Twirly straws. Curly straws. Bendy straws. Wrapped straws. Unwrapped straws. Glow in the dark straws! So many choices!

Regardless of which you choose, a straw is a straw is a straw. It’s a hollow tube that’s been around probably since the beginning of time (for sure the last 5000 years!) and made from everything from reeds to modern day plastic.

Martin C. Stone patented the paper straw in 1888. Once made of rye grass, Stone figured out how to wrap paper around pencil, and applied glue to make it stick into a tubular fashion. Soon, the bendy straw appeared and after WWII, the plastic straw became a staple. Drinking from a straw was a popular thing to do and had much to do with fashion.

What if I said you can have the benefits of a straw…without a straw? A lid with an integrated straw that won’t poke through the bottom of your cup or cause your child to suffer injury if you hit a bump while driving? A lid with an integrated straw that will prevent ice jams or the exertion from drawing a shake from the bottom of a cup all the way up…? Sounds like something from the future, doesn’t it?

What if I told you the future is NOW and change is on the horizon? The XeroStraw is HERE and not in a galaxy far, far away! Made in the USA from FDA approved recycled plastic, the XeroStraw is 100% recyclable! Made for all types of beverages and great for all ages and abilities! If you want a sustainable answer to the straw dilemma, tell your favorite fast food or full-service restaurant about the D.U.O. XeroStraw.

Together, we can change the way the world drinks from a cup…one sip at a time!

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