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It's Time For A Change!

This is one of the reasons I was inspired to invent the D.U.O. XeroStraw. While treating my grandson to his favorite nachos at a local deli, he attempted to drink from the terribly long straw that was protruding from his kid sized cup. As he tipped it toward his face, I was happily photographing our special time together, and just happened to catch THIS! I was horrified! The poor little guy was terrified! I realized then that a straw, no matter what length is protruding from the top of a cup, is still going to be a danger, because of the way it sits on the bottom of a cup. When you drink, it forms resistance that can lead to injuries, such as poking an eye, roof of the mouth, going up a nose. It’s not just me. Many of us have experienced such incidents ourselves or have watched our children dangerously maneuver the long hollow obstacles toward their precious little faces!

In an April 28, 2017 blog from Plastic Pollution Coalition, the author mentions a science experiment that describes a plastic straw puncturing a raw potato! Imagine that being your face, or your little one’s face! Or that of an older person, or one who may not be as stable. The blog goes on to reveal that “about 1400 people visit the emergency room every hear due to injuries from drinking straws! The majority of incidents involve young children and lacerations to the mouth, abrasions to the cornea or insertions into the ear and nose. A common scenario involves a child falling with a straw or poking a sibling.” The same with adults is true and noted. It goes further to explain that stainless steel straws sold by a popular coffee establishment were recalled due to laceration injuries to children.

This brings me to my point. The D.U.O. XeroStraw completely eliminates this danger! The straw portion of the lid is one inch. That’s it. That inch gives the same feel of a straw, acts like a straw, looks like a straw, but actually is a part of the lid, which prevents it from forming the same resistance as a straw dangling to the bottom of a cup. The concept is simple and safe for all ages and abilities.

A straw, no matter what it’s made of, is still going to be a straw. The D.U.O. XeroStraw is the only logical replacement for a straw. Ask your favorite restaurant to start offering D.U.O. XeroStraw!

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