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XeroStraw = Zero Straw

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

When I see companies racing to replace straws with straws, I think to myself, “THEY REALLY DON’T GET IT, DO THEY?” Whether they create a hollow tube from paper, biodegradable or plant-based materials, a straw is still a straw. And it still looks like food to marine and wildlife for the duration of its existence, whether it’s a few days, weeks, months or years! IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT THE CONTENT, IT’S ABOUT THE SHAPE!

As a recovering “straw-aholic,” I know how hard it is to just say no to straws. That’s why I invented the D.U.O. XeroStraw. I also know how it is to have to re-position a straw to get the last drop out of the bottom of a cup, to be careful not to ride over a bump while someone is drinking from a straw or to break a straw or tear a lid before I get the chance to use it! I know that paper feels gross against my lips, and metal feels ‘tangy’ against my teeth and reusables are a harbor for bacteria, no matter how hard you try to clean them. I want a good, clean feeling plastic that gives me the satisfaction of getting my water, milk, soda, slushie, shake, tea or smoothie in one nice, smooth sip without clogging, sogging, or bogging down in my drink! That’s why I invented the D.U.O. XeroStraw! Now you, too, can have the satisfaction of a ‘real’ straw as we all know them… without the straw! I was raised to believe I should leave a place better than I found it, to treat others how I wanted to be treated and to be a part of the solution and not the problem. When I invented the XeroStraw, I chose to have it made in the USA from FDA approved recycled materials (#1 RPET, water bottles) that would make it 100% recyclable! I chose my straw-lid to be recyclable because when it’s recycled, it stays out of the waste stream and potentially becomes….another XeroStraw! The results are gratifyingly quick compared to waiting for a product to compost or degrade, and it doesn’t feel gross or change a drink’s flavor or dissolve and become part of the drink! And they don’t look like food to marine and wildlife! If you would like to see the D.U.O. XeroStraw in your favorite restaurant, TELL THEM! Spread the word to others that the XeroStraw solution is HERE! Let’s change the way the world drinks from a cup…one sip at a time!

Rebecca Fancher, Inventor

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